Artificial Intelligence
with a Social Mind

Synergy between Multiple Resources

Collective Decision Making

Exponential no. of Relationships

AI Technology Driving Machine Socialization

Utilize our platform to create spontaneous social interactions between machines

Social interactions are an integral part of our everyday lives. Machines are different from us as they lack this ability, and as a result, rely on central management and defined coded processes.

However, over time, environments become more and more complex as we bring together several machines, potentially manufactured by different companies, and humans. There is a need for group forming in order to cope with multiple tasks and create collaboration between resources.

Our Social Mind enables machines to mimic human socializing process, form groups in order to achieve desired goals, enact autonomous decision making processes and open communication channels with other machines, with no reliance on central management.




Different industries benefit from our AI Technology

Leverage Brillianetor technology
to overcome complexed collective situations

Gaming Industry

As competition arises, game developers are required to present realistic games carrying out complexed scenarios. Bots are part of the game already, but seldom considered as worthy opponents.

Enable game characters to cooperate and compete with other bots and human controlled avatars in a realistic manner. Shorten and simplify development cycles and most importantly make the game faster and more intelligent

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Internet of Things

The world is facing a technological revolution. All machines and their parts will soon be connected to, and able to communicate with, other parts in the assembly, or even with completely different products, manufactured by different companies. Production will become more custom made forcing manufactures to become more flexible and adopt to changes fast.

Manage complexed tasks that require involvement of several machines or objects can be achieved quickly and simply, with minimal development. Simply a drag and drop.

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Unmanned Platforms

Easily manage large fleets of drones, autonomous cars, or any other robotic entities, by defining tasks or goals.  Make coordination with other machines or even humans possible, by empowering machines with the ability to interact and communicate directly with no central management. Assign tasks to your fleet, have them sort out the best way forward and execute the plan autonomously.

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Cyber Defense Security

Have all your cyber defense tools work together in order to optimally fight back against attacks. Have the first tool that will identify the attack, notify all the other components needed in order to fight back. Achieve a high level of coordination between your various security products and have them decide on the right approach at the right time.

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About Brillianetor

Brillianetor introduces a groundbreaking AI technology that empowers machines to socialize and form groups with other machines and/or humans.

Social behavior happens when people meet and interact. Programing these social interactions is exceedingly complex. It requires a high level of coordination between different entities with multiple variables that are very difficult to anticipate in unpredictable environments.

Brillianetor developed An Artificial Social Mind that mimics human social interactions. It enables any machine to be aware of the entities surrounding it and choose whether to cooperate or compete with them by forming spontaneous social interactions autonomously.

Our Artificial Social Intelligence can be applied in several fields including the Gaming Industry, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Defense Security and Unmanned Platform management.

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